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RiskRT® is an Affordable Care Act Information and Recordkeeping System.

RiskRT® automates IRS reporting for Applicable Large Employers (ALEs). The Affordable Care Act (ACA) real-time recordkeeping solution is an employee data tracking and compliance system, which monitors and transmits eligibility for offers of health coverage and enrollment under the employer mandate.



RiskRT® Recordkeeping system

Do you employ 50 or more employees? Are you aware that 95% of your eligible employees must receive offers of health insurance – otherwise your company may incur IRS penalties for noncompliance? We believe the application of information is the most important factor to ensure the success of your business. That’s why we created RiskRT® for you. The easy-to-use system determines and reports employee healthcare eligibility under the employer mandate, but also adapts with changing governmental rules. We build relationships with communities, like yours, and offer simple solutions to complex regulations. RiskRT® the head-ache-eraser designed to bring you peace of mind.

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RiskRT® Recordkeeping system
RiskRT® Recordkeeping system