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Our Happy Customers Say it Best

RiskRT® Alleviated All My Fears.
“Usually when people transition it’s because of retirement or somebody leaving the position, but this was an emergency and I kind of got thrown to the wolves. It was definitely scary, but the RiskRT® instructions are so easy, that anybody could sit down here, play around a little bit and get those 1095’s out, complete the audit, and get it submitted to the IRS. This was a very comfortable lifesaver in that water that I jumped into. RiskRT® has the number one customer service of any other business relationship that I know I’ve ever dealt with. “

– Sharon, HR Assistant
Easy...Responsive Service...Manage Multiple Companies

“We came to RiskRT® from other vendors for many reasons:

  1. I can manage multiple companies from one centralized control center
  2. This allows me to import data on my own time
  3. My third-party administrator and I are providing the data, so I know where the data is coming from
  4. I love having my own point of contact to help me with everything in RiskRT®, from issues/errors we experience with the website to what the codes on the 1095-C mean and someone who is able to reach out to tell me when I was accepted, when my forms were mailed, etc.
  5. I get to review the forms before they are sent electronically to the IRS and physically to the employee without me having to do anything besides hit “Approve”.
  6. I don’t have to deal with struggling to contact someone or waiting days for a reply/call back  
  7. I no longer have to struggle through the spreadsheet our previous vendor provided me with that contained all the codes and I don’t have to do any other manual labor.”

– Cathleen, Payroll Administrator

Best Customer Services and "I love...the look-ahead..."
“Customer Service is #1. Second thing I really like, is the look-ahead. When I am in the system, I can see who we need to offer to the next month.”

– Jennifer, HRIT Specialist
Hands-On Approach...Makes Sure Everything is Going Well
“If I needed to complete the forms on my own, then I would not be able to do my other job requirements.  We did check with other vendors, and they did not measure up to RiskRT®’s clear explanation of the annual ACA reporting when it first became a requirement.  Also, RiskRT®’s has a hand-on approach, and checking in with their clients on a quarterly basis to make sure everything is going well, where others do not.”

– Nancy, Payroll/Benefits/HRSpecialist
More Confident. Less Overwhelmed
“I would be less confident if the company were to complete forms on its own.  It would be overwhelming to do so with the number of employees we must account for.”

– Erica, HR Assistant
No More Struggle. No More Worry.
“I would dread having to go through another reporting year using our previous service provider, I would have to struggle with hours of research, fight the provider to have someone reach me about my questions, I would be guessing if we were doing this correctly, but with RiskRT®, we no longer have to worry about these things. “
"Easier than I thought it could ever be..."
(With RiskRT®) reporting was easier than I thought it could ever be! It was so nice having the ease of the system doing all the work for me from my company’s data! It is so great to have a knowledgeable, dedicated support person to assist me with filling out the 1094-C data, selecting my safe harbor and be there to help me catch any issues with the 1095-C forms! It’s a great added feature that it notifies me who is coming up for eligibility and why they are now eligible. Another plus is that they are able to work with my 3rd party admin system to collect my data so I don’t have to put any time or effort into extracting that data, manipulating the file to fit their needs and importing it regularly.”
A Unique Company That Cares...
“RiskRT® is different in the sense that they care. They care that we are set up for success during ACA Reporting, that our data is caught up and accurate, they care that we get reporting completed on time,  that we look through our forms and check through them with us! They are a unique company that is flexible, easy to work with and do their best to accommodate our company and keep up with the ever-changing rules of the ACA.”
Confidence and Assurance
“Unlimited support throughout the year, regular check-ins to make sure they remain compliant all year and the at-a-glance control center that tells them exactly where their trouble areas are and the confidence and assurance when things have been done correctly.”

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